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Your Dedicated Primary Care and Lung Health Expert at TruCare Clinic

About Dr. Abdullahi MD

Meet Dr. Mohamed Abdullahi, MD: Your Dedicated Primary Care and Lung Health Expert at TruCare Clinic.


At the heart of TruCare Clinic and Urgent Care in Minneapolis, Minnesota, stands Dr. Mohamed Abdullahi, a distinguished primary care physician and pulmonary specialist. With a robust career spanning multiple states, Dr. Abdullahi has devoted his life to delivering top-tier healthcare, treating a myriad of patients with his expertise in evidence-based medicine and a patient-first approach.

Embarking on his academic journey at The Ohio State University, Dr. Abdullahi's pursuit of medical excellence led him to St. George's University School of Medicine. His postgraduate training is a mosaic of experiences from prestigious institutions, including SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine, Columbia University Medical College Harlem Hospital, and Montefiore Medical Center under the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. With board certifications in internal medicine and pulmonary disease, Dr. Abdullahi's clinical acumen spans preventive health, urgent care, integrative and addiction medicine, along with a focus on occupational health.

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As a cornerstone of TruCare Clinic, and serving as one of its visionary founders and chief medical officers, Dr. Abdullahi's mission is to ensure accessible, high-quality healthcare for all. His practice is a sanctuary for comprehensive family care, catering to both pediatric and adult wellness, women's health from prenatal to postnatal care, and managing chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and hypertension.

Dr. Abdullahi is a firm believer in the power of communication and education in healthcare. He strives to empower his patients with knowledge, ensuring they have unhindered access to healthcare. His advocacy extends to the utilization of advanced diagnostic testing for safe and accurate patient diagnoses.

Beyond his professional life, Dr. Abdullahi's interests include a love for culinary adventures, especially those involving spicy food, traveling with his family to explore new places, and staying active with basketball and soccer. He also enjoys delving into personal finance books, reflecting his multifaceted personality and continuous quest for knowledge.

Welcome to a place of healing and comprehensive care with Dr. Mohamed Abdullahi at TruCare Clinic and Urgent Care, where every patient is treated like family.


Ohio State University
St. George's University School of Medicine
SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine
Columbia University Medical College Harlem Hospital
Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Montefiore Medical Center

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