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Where can I have X-rays done in Minneapolis

TruCare Clinic and Urgent Care offers Radiology services in Minneapolis, MN

Radiology is a medical specialty that involves capturing images of the bones, organs, and other parts of your body from within. At TruCare Clinic and Urgent Care in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a group of premier primary care specialists strives to provide complete care for patients, including acute and urgent care as well as chronic condition management. Radiology is an integral part of all types of care when it comes to diagnosis, so it’s available on-site for your convenience. Book your appointment online or by phone today.

Where can I have X-rays done in Minneapolis
Where can I have X-rays done in Minneapolis

Radiology Q & A

What is radiology?

Radiology is the branch of medicine that focuses on imaging tests of your bones, organs, and other internal bodily structures. The primary care specialists at TruCare Clinic and Urgent Care offer radiology as part of their diagnostic services. Thanks to their on-site radiology lab, you can get testing right away when you’re ill, injured, or need answers for medical issues of any type. What are some common radiology tests? The most common radiology test is an X-ray. X-rays use high-energy electromagnetic energy to create pictures of your bones, organs, and tissues. During an X-ray, your bones absorb the most radiation, so they appear white. Your internal organs and other structures take in less radiation, so they appear black or gray. X-rays are particularly effective for diagnosing bone injuries (fractures) and tumors, while problems in the soft tissues may require another radiology test. Some other radiology tests include:

  • Ultrasound: uses sound waves

  • Computed tomography (CT): multi-angle X-ray

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): uses magnetic and radio waves together

  • Mammogram: special X-ray for the breasts

  • Fluoroscopy: a moving X-ray

There are many other types of radiology testing as well. Your TruCare Clinic and Urgent Care provider recommends the appropriate imaging test based on your symptoms and suspected issue. When might I need radiology services? You might need radiology services at TruCare Clinic and Urgent Care for numerous reasons, from injury to illness. Your provider may use radiology to diagnose problems such as:

  • Bone fractures

  • Muscle tears

  • Blocked blood vessels

  • Cancer

  • Infections

In most cases, radiology is just one part of a larger diagnostic picture. For example, your provider may also order lab tests or other types of testing. Then, they combine all the information from your physical exam, radiology tests, and other tests to make an educated diagnosis. In many cases, radiology tests provide definitive answers about what’s happening inside your body. At TruCare Clinic and Urgent Care, the caring providers view radiology as a crucial part of both routine and urgent care services. They offer radiology services like X-rays on site to make your medical care as convenient as possible, so click the online scheduler or call the office to book an appointment now.

TruCare Clinic and Urgent Care makes it easy to take care of all of your health needs so don’t delay in calling the Trucare office (612-345-7175) or clicking the online scheduling link to set up your appointment now


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