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What to do if I've been injured at work?

TruCare offers Occupational Medicine services in Minneapolis, MN

If you experience a work-related illness or injury, it’s crucial to enroll in occupational medicine. A quick checkup can identify the underlying issue and prevent it from worsening. At TruCare Clinic and Urgent Care , the primary care providers offer occupational medicine to businesses and

employees in the Twin Cities area. To make an appointment, call the office in Minneapolis, Minnesota, or book online today.

Occupational Medicine Q & A

What is occupational medicine?

Occupational medicine, or occupational health, diagnoses and treats work-related illnesses and injuries. At TruCare Clinic and Urgent Care, the providers have extensive training in occupational medicine. Their expertise allows them to treat work-related injuries more effectively than a general primary care physician. TruCare Clinic and Urgent Care is familiar with all federal and state workforce regulations for safety, including those established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT).

When should I consider occupational medicine?

Make an occupational health appointment at TruCare Clinic and Urgent Care if you suffer a work-related injury or illness. That’s especially true if you experience sudden pain, swelling, or bruising. Stop whatever you’re doing, alert your employer, and contact the office immediately.

What types of issues does occupational medicine treat?

TruCare Clinic and Urgent Care use occupational medicine to treat various illnesses and injuries, including:

  • Neck and shoulder injuries

  • Back pain

  • Neurological problems, like hearing loss

  • Muscular disorders, like carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Repetitive strain injuries, like tennis elbow

  • Exposure to harmful fumes, pesticides, and substances

TruCare Clinic and Urgent Care also treat work-related illnesses, like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and contact dermatitis.

What happens during an occupational medicine appointment?

The team at TruCare Clinic and Urgent Care offer occupational medicine on-site. Your provider reviews your medical records and asks about your symptoms, including when they started, what you were doing, and if you told your employer. Next, they conduct a physical exam. Your provider also orders lab tests. If you suffered an accident or injury, they might also order X-rays, a CT scan, or an MRI to rule out strains, sprains, or fractures. After making a diagnosis, your provider makes treatment recommendations.

What are the benefits of occupational medicine?

Participating in occupational medicine at TruCare Clinic and Urgent Care offers several benefits, including:

  • Increased employer engagement

  • Improved health and well-being

  • Reduced risk of accidents and injuries

  • Positive medical outcomes

Occupational medicine also presents an opportunity to ask questions about workplace safety. Your provider can even make recommendations to help you perform at the highest level. To learn more about the benefits of occupational health, make an appointment at TruCare Clinic and Urgent Care by calling the office or booking online today.

TruCare Clinic and Urgent Care makes it easy to take care of all of your health needs so don’t delay in calling the Trucare office (612-345-7175) or clicking the online scheduling link to set up your appointment now

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